The Pineywoods Foundation is an East Texas foundation committed to improving and enhancing the communities of a selected number of counties in the Pineywoods area.

funding and application guidelines

The Foundation does not encourage funding to tax-supported entities. However, if making a grant to a tax-supported entity is the best way to bring about a needed and beneficial project, exceptions may be made.  Applicants should confer with the Foundation’s Director.


The Foundation prefers not to make grants as part of a challenge grant by another Foundation or funding entity.


The Foundation’s funding is restricted to the following East Texas counties: Angelina, Polk, Houston, Nacogdoches, San Jacinto, Tyler, Jasper, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Cherokee, Newton and Trinity counties. Some exceptions, however, may be made, depending on the project’s nature. An applicant with headquarters or offices outside these counties, but with projects in the counties, should enclose as a part of its application (1) the names of any board members, officers or trustees living in the above counties, (2) the number of people living in these counties who will be affected by the project, and (3) how a Foundation grant would benefit the county.


The Foundation prefers to fund projects which are unique, innovative and serve a purpose beneficial to an entire community.


The Foundation does not fund annual operating budgets, including the following: Salaries and fringe benefits, office supplies, utilities, rentals, travel, annual events such as festivals.


The Foundation encourages matching grants from the community. Applications with matching grants are given more weight because they represent visible evidence of strong community support. Matching grants should not include in-kind matches, such as labor or administration.


The Foundation discourages applications for repeat grants to the same group within three successive years.


The Foundation does not fund individual scholarships.


The Foundation does not fund religious organizations.


The Foundation does not make grants to for-profit groups or individuals, except in cases where a community service is provided by the individual to an organization as part of a larger community effort.


The Foundation shall only fund organizations which are clearly charitable and tax-exempt, not classified as private foundations, and have a 501 (c)(3) tax-exemption status.


The Foundation, in the past, has funded projects involving healthcare, economic development, youth activities, history, the arts, education, community development, environmental improvement, senior citizens, and other areas. If the applicant is unsure if its project qualifies for a Foundation grant, contact the Foundation’s Administrative Trustee.


All Foundation grant commitments are in effect only for 12 months after the grant has been approved. After 12 months, the grant commitment expires.


If the applicant is unsure if its project qualifies for a Foundation grant, contact the Foundation’s Director at 936-632-3552.

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