The Pineywoods Foundation is an East Texas foundation committed to improving and enhancing the communities of a selected number of counties in the Pineywoods area.

Please include the following with your application:


Eight (8) copies of your application and attachments. All information requested on the application form must be submitted. If the data to complete a blank is not applicable, write “NA” in the space.


A cover letter accompanying the application, briefly stating the purpose for which the funds are requested.


A proposed budget for the project.


A copy of the applicant’s  current Exemption Letter from the Internal Revenue Service, dated within the past 10 years, showing that the organization is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, not classified as a Private Foundation, and being sufficient to evidence that a grant would be a “qualifying distribution” as defined in Sections 4942 (f)(1) and 170(c)(1) or (2) of the IRS Code.


A letter from the applicant’s President or other authorized officer, certifying that such exemption letter is in full force.


If the project is funded or supported by a government agency (city, school, county, etc.), please include a letter from the agency’s chief officer, indicating its support and level of funding.


Letters from community organizations supporting the project.


Names, hometowns and telephone numbers of the applicant’s officers and directors.


download the

grant application

application submission

Mail completed application and accompanying documents to:


Jerry Huffman, CCE

Executive Director, Pineywoods Foundation

P.O. Box 747

Lufkin, Texas 75902


foundation meetings

The Foundation’s board normally meets each quarter to review grant applications. Applications should be submitted at least one full week before each meeting. For specific meeting dates, applicants should contact the Foundation’s Administrative Trustee. Decisions are made at these meetings and applicants are notified immediately by mail. Checks will be forwarded upon evidence that all necessary funding for the project has been raised.


completion report

Any organization receiving a Foundation grant shall be required to submit to the Foundation a written report describing the completion of  the project, its final costs, and its impact on the community. This  report shall be submitted within 30 days of the project’s completion.


Failure to submit the report may disqualify the organization from  future Foundation grants.


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